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Focus all resourses on achieving the organisationís goa so it heals from withinls
Focus all resourses on achieving the organisation’s goals
Overview  Sustainable Solutions Improving Performance Outcomes by: Defining the Business Blueprint of the organisation in terms of how the daily activities of personnel impact common key outcomes, Designing project activities based on their contribution to the purpose of the business, Defining the value & responsibility of individuals and groups, Providing visualisation of the performance of all aspects of the organisation in terms of achieving its Strategic Intent. .
Venture Capital Portfolio Management
Role Accountability Tool Set (RATS)™
RATS protects the capital investment by  producing a 4 dimensional visualisation of  the way a business functions that enables them to understand their Functional  Performance and see how to improve  Productivity and focus on key turnaround  behaviours. Every activity, at all levels, is linked to  one or more of the Strategic Intent  Outcomes with an impact Statement. 
Keep your finger on the pulse . . . P Minimise Risk P Maximise ROI P Increase Portfolio
RATS enables investors to keep their fingers on the pulse with very little  effort.  It achieves this firstly by aligning all resources and effort in the  organisations they have invested in to focus on the elements critical for  success, and, secondly, by creating a direct line-of-sight across the web for  the investor to monitor the performance of those critical elements.  A Role Accountability Model of the business is created using an effective  and practical process underpinned by web-based technology through which  each key member of staff relates the impact that their day-to-day functions  have on the critical elements for success.  This not only ensures that all effort and resource in the organisation is  jointly focused on achieving those elements critical to success (or  turnaround) but their reporting will also be focused on those same  elements or Outcomes. The reporting and performance is available to the investor across the web  and it is focused on the specific elements critical to Business Turnaround or  maximising the Return on Investment and minimising risk.  The investor can be confident that his investment is being well directed and  can remotely monitor this without having to decipher complex reports. 
Keeping your finger on the Pulse
Focus the whole business on those things critical to  its success and monitor how it is achieving them 
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