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       Overview  Sustainable Solutions Improving Performance Outcomes by: Understanding the connection between processes, tasks and outcomes, Tracking the movement and progress of individual items of work handled by processes, Monitor the performance of internal support services in terms of contribution to the delivery of line services and products, Managing all aspects of product and service delivery documents’ process and archiving. .
RoutemailTM   - process communication
How can you be sure not to drop the ball ?
In most organisations email is used to pass documentation from one  person to the next within the business processes but, whilst this  method is a very useful and easy tool to use, it has certain  shortcomings:  a progress view is not available - there is no way of  seeing where about in the process a particular item of  work is;  timeframes are difficult to measure and manage;  there is no way of identifying holdups and taking action  – if a person is on leave it will just sit in their inbox or  get lost when their inbox becomes too full;  there is no way to ensure that due process is followed (ISO); documentation is not managed and archived. Routemail replaces traditional email for the transmission of business process  correspondence and, whilst it works identically to normal email, in addition  it follows a specific predetermined route through your organisation and it  has features that address all of the shortcomings mentioned above, and  more. 
Keep your finger on the pulse . . . P Ensure Delivery P Identify Blockages P Increase Productivity
Unlocking self managing Productivity The process and procedures in which tasks are completed are mapped and associated with the organisational components responsible. Individual employee roles and targets in the process are identified and used in tracking and managing the progress of items of work flowing through the processes. Each employee has a dashboard dynamically indicating their performance against the goals set for the various tasks.   With Routemail Workflow and Process Management you : ensure effective collaboration and the destruction of silo’ed thinking enforce the consistent handling of work ensure that no-one drops the ball ensure against work getting stuck on a persons desk who is on leave produce accurate estimates on service standards reduce the risk of losing documents introduce document management and archiving check on status at any time Remember: if you are not measuring it you are not managing it
Business   Process     Management
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Focus your team on passing work efficiently and  effectively keeping individual, as well as the overall  process Goals clearly in sight (and measurable).