Knowledge BANK ERP
Role Accountability Tool Set  (RATS)
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Sound Practice Day to day activities Present Functional Maturity Change required Impact or contribution
Products The following are examples of some of the environments where RATS and KnowledgeBankERP can be effective in driving change:
Business improvement through focused productivity We unlock effective and focused productivity in large organisations - productivity being defined as the extent to which all resources are focused on achieving the strategic intent of the organisation
Routemail process workflow and Document Management Routemail replaces the use of traditional email for the communication and document flow for the critical business processes within an organisation.
Functional Maturity Modeling These models are the key Functions to be carried out in an organisation in order to achieve certain qualitative and quantitative outcomes - “Sound Practice” generic design to transform a business
Public Sector Service Delivery We unlock effective outcome-focused governance in the Public Sector - efficacy being defined as the extent to which all resources are focused on achieving the strategic intent of Government
Venture Capital Portfolio Management Enables investors to keep their fingers on the pulse with very little effort by creating a direct line-of- sight across the web for the investor to monitor the performance of critical elements
Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) and the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) Tick box compliance with the provisions of the Acts will not be sufficient - organisations will need to change the way they do business right across the supply chain - RATS enables that
Transformation project design, implementation and employee buy-in producing a clear understanding of the changes of roles required in order to achieve the desired sound business practice.
The FUD Factor The use of cartoons in change and risk management to get people to laugh at their Fears, Uncertainties and Doubts (FUD)