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Focus all resourses on achieving the organisationís goals
Focus all resourses on achieving the organisation’s goals
Overview  Sustainable Solutions Improving Project Outcomes by: Defining the Business Blueprint of the organisation in terms of how the daily activities of personnel impact common key outcomes. Designing project activities based on the changes that need to take place in terms of the Business Blueprint. Defining the change responsibility required of individuals. Formalising “Fundamental”, “Sound Practice” and “Best Practice” elements of Functionality in each Key Function and the activities to put these in place. .
Functional Maturity Modeling
RATS supports Behavior Transformation in Change Management by  producing a clear understanding of the changes required in order to  achieve the desired sound business practice. The aim of any business improvement project will be to bring about change  in the way an organisation functions and, in order for the outcome to be  sustainable, the changes must be made with respect to the way individual  key employees carry out their day to day functions. The RATS combination of methodology and technology produces a clear “as is to be” Functional Structure model of those areas of the organisation that the project will impact. This Business Blueprint clearly sets out the  connection between the individual day to day activities, currently  undertaken by all key employees affected, and the Sound Practice  behaviour that the Project seeks to bring about.
Role Accountability Tool Set (RATS)™
Defining sound practice models and then implementing them   - coordinate change and track improvement in Functional Maturity
Having enabled understanding of the functional business model, RATS   then supports the creation and implementation of Functional Maturity  Models. These models are created by undertaking a Role Accountability Mapping  intervention focused on identifying the key Functions to be carried out in  an organisation in order to achieve certain qualitative and quantitative  outcomes. This “Sound Practice” generic design can then be used as a benchmark or  checklist in future interventions and continuously improved and refined  using the RATS technology. The RATS technology will easily enable the implementation of Sound  Practice designs and provide extremely effective visualisation of the  progress toward Functional Maturity.
Functional Maturity Modeling™
Sound Practice
Strategic Intent or Project Goals
Day to day activities
Present Functional Maturity
Change required Impact or contribution
Aligning effective functionality
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