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Focus all resourses on achieving the organisationís goa so it heals from withinls
Focus all resourses on achieving the organisation’s goals
       Overview  Sustainable Solutions Improving Performance Outcomes by: Defining the Business Blueprint of the organisation in terms of how the daily activities of personnel impact common key outcomes, Designing project activities based on their contribution to the purpose of the business, Defining the value & responsibility of individuals and groups. Providing visualisation of the performance of all aspects of the organisation in terms of achieving its Strategic Intent. .
Compliancy Transformation Management
Role Accountability Management 
uses a 4 dimensional visualisation of the  way a business functions to enable them  to understand where behaviour must  change in order to comply with the  Consumer Protection Act (CPA) whilst, at  the same time, seeing how to improve  Productivity and focus on key turnaround  behaviour. Every activity is linked to one or more of  the CPA Compliancy and Productivity  Outcome Goals and the technology  provides a mechanism through which  behaviour change can be monitored,  reported and evaluated.
Keep your finger on the pulse . . . P Minimise Risk P Measure Change P Increase Productivity
Unlocking self regulating CPA compliancy and Productivity Tick box compliance with the provisions of the Act will not be sufficient - organisations will need to change the way they do business right across the supply chain.  Whilst many organisations may have the in-house skills to interpret the Act in the context of their business, they will find it difficult to manage the transformation. Effective risk management will require, firstly, that everyone across the organisation is attuned to how he or she could place the organisation at risk and, secondly, that a sustainable change to functional behaviour is instituted. We simultaneously unlock effective and focused CPA compliancy and productivity in large organisations - productivity being defined as the extent to which all resources are focused on achieving the strategic intent of the organisation in a CPA compliant manner. Our approach aligns and focuses the deployment of all effort and resources by capturing the minds and wills of everyone involved, facilitating a practical understanding of Outcome-focused purpose in everything that is done. This is achieved through a simple, practical process, supported by unique, powerful web technology, that builds a multidimensional visualisation of the way the business functions in all areas at all levels, formalising the collaborative contribution each function makes to key aspects of the CPA compliancy or Goals defined in the Strategic Intent.
Focus the whole business on CPA compliancy and  increase Productivity and focus at the same time 
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