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KnowledgeBankERP supports Outcome-focused Behavioural Change Management solutions; with primary focus being in the areas of:
Role Accountability Mapping™  Business Model Innovation  Productivity improvement  M&E Frameworks & Policies  Strategic Planning Cycle  Performance Management  Service Standards Management  Service Delivery Restructuring  BPM and Workflow systems
Unlocking Productivity with Role Accountability Modeling We unlock effective and focused productivity in large organisations - productivity being defined as the extent to which all resources are focused on achieving the strategic intent of the organisation. Our approach aligns and focuses the deployment of all effort and resources by capturing the minds and wills of everyone involved, facilitating a practical understanding of Outcome-focused purpose in everything that is done. This is achieved through a simple, practical process, supported by unique, powerful web technology, that builds a multidimensional visualisation of the way the business functions in all areas at all levels. An on-line dynamic business blueprint model formalises the contribution each function makes to key aspects of the Functional Objectives or Outcomes defined in the Strategic Intent. The Functional Structure view provides a sustainable method of aligning all aspects of functionality, at all levels, to a single set of Outcome goals using a Web 2.0 dynamic Role Accountability Model for individuals to measure their impact and report through.
Overview Sustainable Solutions Improving Productivity by: Focusing the efforts of all personnel on common key outcomes. Aligning daily activities and Performance to Strategic Goals. Defining the information requirements of individuals. Aligning Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting to organizational goals. Formalising Client expectations and Service Standards. Aligning Business Processes and Procedures to organisation-wide goals and perspectives. .
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