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Role Accountability Tool Set  (RATS)
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Get a clear picture of the collaboration required within your Business or Project in order to achieve success 
KnowledgeBankERP© is a sophisticated web-enabled product that builds a dynamic, visual, 4 dimensional Role Accountability Model of an organisation focused on the Key Outcomes it seeks to achieve. It is effective in any situation requiring the coordination of change across a large number of people (or organisations), whether it be the coordination of a large change management project, an ERP implementation or the implementation of a Service Delivery Strategy, KnowledgeBankERP communicates role accountability to all involved. It uses traffic lightsand dashboards to highlight Performance Management Status from both a day to day business as well as responsibility for change or implementation of Strategy.  - Manage process workflow and documents with Routemail   - implement strategy   - improve productivity   - Programme alignment   - track functional maturity   - coordinate and align activities   - measure true performance   - implement ISO, SANS, CobIT or ValIT   - legislative compliancy   - customer service